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    Why Your Food is Making You Sick (and Fat!)

    Ever try to count calories, carbs, protein, fat, etc., to get healthier or for weight loss?

    Did you find out it made you feel sick or fatigued, or that you have this incurable hunger that won’t go away?  .

    I been there.

    If your body feels bad while trying to achieve weight loss, then that should be telling you something!

    Your body is telling you that it isn’t getting what it needs to work correctly!

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    The Best Way to Get Healthy

    A good functioning body leads to a happier, healthier life, and should kick-start your metabolism to help you get to weight loss going.

    A lot of us don’t realize that we don’t need to count calories, fat, carbs, etc, to be healthy.  You know what we should be looking at? The ingredients.

    We have been looking at the wrong part of the Nutrition label.

    Since I found this out, and changed my ways, my husband and I both had 30 lbs of weight loss so far and feel 100x better than we ever have.  We didn’t stop eating chips, carbs, cookies, etc.

    Who knew the quality of foods would make that much of a difference?

    Doctor Knows Best?

    A year ago, I was obese and had extremely high blood pressure.  I was bordering on diabetes, hypothyroidism, and my white blood cell count was being monitored closely.   I felt like crap every day and constantly had chest pains.

    To put it plainly, I was sick.

    When I went to the doctor, they would tell me I was eating too much and needed to watch my calories. So I did and realized I was only eating only about 900 calories a day already!

    And they wanted me to do less than that?

    I am no doctor, but that’s insane. Eating even less felt like a death sentence.

    I went to an endocrinologist and told them my struggle and said I only ate about 900 calories a day.  She didn’t believe me because of my weight, and told me I must eat too much, so need to eat less.  I was beyond frustrated.

    Why wouldn’t anyone believe me?

    I began to educate myself and found the answers that changed my life.

    Finding Answers 

    I enrolled in school to get a second degree.  In taking a chemistry class, taught by a Registered Dietitian, about how the body processes food, I learned the kind of food I was eating was the culprit of everything going wrong in my body.

    I continued my research and read many studies and books by dietitians and researchers.

    Although they disagree on whether a lot of foods are healthy, there is one thing they all seem to agree on:

    We are all focusing on the wrong part of the Nutrition label.

    All calories are not the same.  Fats are not bad (except trans fats).  Even some carbs are not the enemy.

    We need to start reading ingredients!

    If you look at an ingredient label of almost every food, you will notice a majority of items on there are things we either can’t pronounce or have no idea what it is.

    Why? Because it’s chemicals. Not food.

    The chemicals have almost none of the nutritional benefits of actual food. So our body is craving nutrients and we are giving it toxins instead!

    No wonder why all of us are sick in one way or another!

    Side Effects from Fake Food

    Did you know that a lot of symptoms you are feeling may be caused by eating artificial ingredients?

    Mental Confusion
    Development Issues
    Chronic Fatigue
    Heart Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Tissue Damage
    Kidney Problems
    Behavior Issues in Children

    The food I was eating can cause all of that?  Geez, no wonder my health was all over the place and I couldn’t function!

    I Didn’t Change What I Was Eating!

    So I decided I needed to eat food that had simple ingredients if I wanted to be healthy.

    Avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup (read why here), any chemical sounding names, and dyes.  I started looking at the ingredients of everything I bought.

    I was bewildered by how many items I was buying before that was nothing but chemical-filled. Deciding to switch my brands was a life changer for me.

    I didn’t stop eating certain items. Cookies, chips, and bread were still bought on a regular basis. I just bought the brands with the ingredients that were more natural.

    In fact, most of what I was buying was the organic versions, because I knew chemicals never came in contact with my food.

    If I was buying corn chips, I knew I was eating corn, corn oil, and salt.

    Not chemicals.

    How To Read the Ingredients

    If the peanut butter you buy has 15 ingredients, half of which your five year old can’t pronounce, or hydrogenated oils (which is even more toxic than High Fructose Corn Syrup)  then put the jar back and pick up a different brand and look at those ingredients.

    There should be one ingredient: Peanuts.

    That’s it.

    Sometimes you might see some that have oil or sea salt in it. Those are okay, because you know what those are.

    It’s personal preference if you want those added things in it. I personally don’t.

    Tip:  A lot of times because there isn’t artificial stuff in there, the oil from the peanuts might separate, making stirring necessary.  I found it best to use a knife to fold the peanut butter into the oil instead of stirring (stirring makes a mess!).  I also found roasted peanuts have more oil and peanut butter separation than just regular peanuts.

    Another example is chips. You don’t have to stop buying chips. I still buy them.

    But if you look at the ingredients on Doritos, you will see it has about 20 ingredients, half of which are dyes and chemicals.

    Then pick up a bag of original Fritos. You will see Fritos has 3 ingredients: Corn, Oil, and Salt.

    Ever notice that when you eat Doritos, it doesn’t fill you up as fast as Fritos can? The ingredients are why.

    FYI, I am not advocating a diet of Fritos, but I just want to show an example how big of a difference ingredients can make.

    Stronger with Thyme is Born

    I decided to eat at home more and just make the things I would want at restaurants. Which led me to the idea of sharing them on this website.

    I knew my version of meals would be healthier because my ingredients would be clean. (Check out my recipes if you want some ideas).

    The best part is my husband joined me on this journey, which made it so much easier on me. It’s not hard to keep up because we are eating the same things we were before.

    The new brands we were eating not only tasted the same, but some were even better!

    Finding Results

    I saw nothing really different for the first week, although I did notice I wasn’t depressed as much within just a couple of days.

    Second week, I started losing weight and feeling more energetic.

    By the fourth week, I got blood drawn again. My blood test was NORMAL on everything.

    Before I started eating this way, I was borderline everything. My blood results were all over the place and I was being monitored closely for everything. But just four weeks later, I was no longer borderline anything.

    I was even able to get off one of my blood pressure medicines!

    I decided to keep eating organic, clean foods. Out of the 50 lbs I lost so far, most of it was from switching the foods we like to brands without anything artificial or High Fructose Corn Syrup. My husband, Aaron, had 30 lbs of weight loss as well.

    And you know what? Our grocery bill actually went down because we were eating real food, and was actually able to get full faster. We started eating less and didn’t need to snack as much.

    My Challenge to You

    I challenge you to throw out anything in your cabinets that has ingredients (including condiments) that doesn’t sound natural.

    This includes dyes, chemicals, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Corn Syrup (digests a lot like HFCS in your body).

    If you would like pointers on where to buy items like this for as cheap as possible, check out my article How to Save Money When Eating Healthy

    After one month, comment on this post, letting me know how you feel and let me know if you had any weight loss!

    I would love to see how many people this has worked for besides myself and my husband!

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