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    Healthy Chili Cheese Nachos

    You never thought you would see "Healthy Chili Cheese Nachos" as a thing, did you? But that's what these are. Sure, the dairy and tortilla chips aren't exactly whole foods, but here's the thing:  This nacho platter is LOADED with veggies. And you won't even be able to tell. Want to know how I get my husband to get his vitamins and minerals?  It's this dinner right here, once a ... Read the Post

    Cheddar Pork Tenderloin Tacos

    These Cheddar Pork Tenderloin Tacos are everything you have been missing in your life.  The best taste to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds, while also being packed with nutrients to keep you full and feel great. Loaded with protein, and many vitamins and minerals, I chose shredded pork tenderloin for this recipe due to being a lean meat option without all the extra trans fats that other ... Read the Post

    BBQ Pineapple Chicken Quesadilla

    This BBQ Pineapple Chicken Quesadilla is perfect for when you want BBQ, but either don't have a grill or don't feel like pulling it out and cleaning it.  This can be slow cooked while you are at work, or made the night before (which is what I do!), so you only need 15 minutes for the final touches to get dinner on the table! You can omit the quesadillas if you want to try this, but need lower ... Read the Post

    Snack Size Protein Taco Boats

    These taco boats are full of flavor, low carb, low sodium, and high in protein.  Mini sweet peppers are used in place of carb filled tacos, giving an extra boost of vitamins without all the carbs. This will become your favorite lunchtime meal prep. Who says you can't have tacos every day?     Perfect Lunchtime Meal Prep The first time I made these, I realized ... Read the Post

    Healthy Southwest Lasagna

    You never think to bring southwest flair to an Italian dish like lasagna, but that's what I did. It has lower calories, lower sodium, and tons of nutrients to make this meal work with your body, instead of against it. After you try this, you know it will become a permanent dish in your household.         Working Together I think Aaron and I made this ... Read the Post

    This lasagna has a southwest flavor your whole family can enjoy. It is loaded with Vitamins C and E, and fiber, to keep you healthy and your belly happy.

    Quick and Easy Taco Chicken

    I love chicken. I especially love this meal.  It is simple and extremely quick to make. Because who doesn't love a meal they can literally prepare in 5 minutes? Besides being one of the quickest meals to throw together, chicken is one of my favorite meals because it is super healthy and does so much for your body!         The Saga of Broken Taco Shells I ... Read the Post

    This quick and easy meal has only a few ingredients. Just five minutes of preparation and is on your table in just a little over a half hour! Perfect for tired parents who worked all day, but want to make something quick that will spice up your usually boring dinner, but isn't high in fat, carbs, or sodium. This meal will give your taste buds everything it desires.