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    How to Get the Right Mindset to Make Changes

    Want to Watch the Video Version?  Check it Out on YouTube!  "I can't do it right now because I'm not in the right mindset to make any changes." Have you ever said this?  I know I have. That is the number one thing I hear when people say they can't make changes, is they lack motivation or that they aren't in the right mindset to do so.  Which is pretty much the same thing. This is ... Read the Post

    Why You Should Stop Blaming Your Parents

    Who here is blaming your parents for how bad your life is, or for some aspect of your personality you aren't proud of? Come on, you know you should raise your hand. Most of us have done it. Whether you were a teenager, or an adult, you may blame them because you can't have good relationships, don't know finances, don't have a job, have no money, have no motivation, have no self esteem, ... Read the Post

    How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Goals

    It's so easy to make goals. You want to be healthier, you want to change a bad habit, you want to learn something new, you want to exercise, accomplish something you always wanted to. You make great strides the first few days, and then.. oops. Goodbye motivation.  It was good knowing you. You then get back into old habits and keep making that same goal, week after week, year after ... Read the Post