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    10 Best Tools For Chronic Pain Sufferers

    Having the right tools for chronic pain is essential.  Chronic pain is no joke. And seriously, who wants to be laid up for days or weeks at a time because you have a flare up? And I don't know about you, but I HATE taking pain medicine. It always made me feel loopy and tired, and really messed with my digestive system and memory.  So I decided living with the pain was something I would ... Read the Post

    9 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

    You ever lay in bed for hours and wish you knew how to fall asleep faster? I can understand. Sleep seemed to be a recurring nightmare for me ever since I was a kid.  Literally. As a kid, I had issues with nightmares.  As an adult, I have sleep related hallucinations and generalized anxiety disorder. So of course, between my mind going 100 mph and being scared to sleep, I often lived my ... Read the Post

    The Scary Truth About Your Supplements

    You know what freaks me out?  Supplements. It never used to.  In my 20s, I worked 3 jobs and went to college, so I lived in the nutritional supplement stores. Just so I could stay awake and alert, help my depression, IBS, Acid Reflux, and the rest of my never ending ailments and mental health issues that came with stretching myself too thin and just getting out of an abusive relationship. I ... Read the Post

    10 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Immediately

    Have you ever had to try everything to lower your blood pressure immediately? One day, your blood pressure shoots up for what feels like no reason. You get the hot feeling in your face, the headache, the fatigue.  You feel sick and feverish.  You can't tell if you are coming down with something, or if your blood pressure is acting up again. I don't know about you, but those ... Read the Post

    Does the Alkaline Diet Help With Weight Loss?

    I think we have all heard of the alkaline diet. We know it is supposed to benefit us in some way, but how many of us know how it's supposed to benefit us? So like I do with everything else in life, I obsessed, researched medical journals, and used myself as a guinea pig to find the answer to this question. Because with so many factors influencing experts and studies, I don't trust it 100% ... Read the Post

    How to Workout With Chronic Pain in 7 Steps

    To workout when you have chronic pain is something you may dread.  More than anything. You already have pain. So getting up and knowing you are going to make it worse, is a terrible truth to face. If you do get up, and are motivated enough to workout, it feels like it almost kills you, because you re-injure your injuries, or you are in a lot of pain the next day. So now you begin to ... Read the Post