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    3 Ways to Love Yourself Today

    When I was growing up in my teen years, I was taught many things in school, but… there was one super important skill I was not taught which I came across on my journey of life…. How to love yourself. As a result of me not understanding why or not being taught to love myself early on, I fell into many holes and situations. I would feel lonely all the time, always pleasing people to be ... Read the Post

    10 Ways to Easily Boost Your Confidence

    A lot of people believe that confidence is something you are born with. And why not? Other people seem to have so much of it, while you can't seem to muster up ANY. So the easy solution is to think it just comes naturally to some people. Fortunately, this isn't the case.  There is not a magic gene for confidence.  This is something that is learned. And if you are like me, you never ... Read the Post

    10 Ways to Manage Your Stress

    Have you ever felt like stress held you back? Like maybe you were so stressed out, that you couldn't do what you wanted to do, you couldn't reach the goals you wanted to reach, that you couldn't have the relationships that you wanted to have? That is completely normal. Stress is caused by feeling pressure, by feeling overwhelmed. It can be caused by putting too much on your plate, or ... Read the Post

    Why You Should Stop Blaming Your Parents

    Who here is blaming your parents for how bad your life is, or for some aspect of your personality you aren't proud of? Come on, you know you should raise your hand. Most of us have done it. Whether you were a teenager, or an adult, you may blame them because you can't have good relationships, don't know finances, don't have a job, have no money, have no motivation, have no self esteem, ... Read the Post

    How to Conquer Depression With These 12 Simple Steps

    Living with depression is real and serious. You often feel like you have no purpose, you can't concentrate, and you constantly feel sad or empty all the time.  Daily tasks become hard to accomplish because you can't seem to get enough energy to even move. It can make you hard to live with and be around because you can't display happiness, don't have the same energy level as others, and ... Read the Post