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    20 Healthier Snack Options for When Cravings Hit You

    Healthier snack options seem like it is out of our reach. The stuff that is recommended to us, we just plain to do not want to eat.  We aren't used to eating that healthy, so of course our taste buds are going to think it is either gross, or not going to satisfy us! I don't know about you, but I had the worst time ever when starting my healthier eating journey, because I constantly craved ... Read the Post

    Does the Alkaline Diet Help With Weight Loss?

    I think we have all heard of the alkaline diet. We know it is supposed to benefit us in some way, but how many of us know how it's supposed to benefit us? So like I do with everything else in life, I obsessed, researched medical journals, and used myself as a guinea pig to find the answer to this question. Because with so many factors influencing experts and studies, I don't trust it 100% ... Read the Post

    8 Simple Ways to Stop Snacking for Good

    "Oh my gosh, I can't seem to stop snacking!!" "Why do I keep doing it to myself?"   "I know I should stop snacking, but I can't!" My pants don't fit anymore, but I don't remember eating more than normal?" Sound familiar? If you have an issue with snacking, this sounds like a conversation you have daily with yourself.       Why Are We ... Read the Post

    How to Eliminate Your Sugar Cravings

    I can almost feel your sugar cravings right now. Trust me, I get it! I used to have sugar cravings 100% of the time. It was horrible. I felt like I needed it so much that it started making it's way into all my meals. All of them had to have some form of sugar in it, because the sugar cravings were just too strong for me to stand up against. I'm going to tell you why we crave it ... Read the Post