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How I Lowered My Blood Pressure

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Trying to lower blood pressure feels like you are constantly in an uphill battle that you aren’t going to win.

I’m pretty sure I tried everything and sure you have too.  Relaxation techniques, medication(s), low sodium diets, dieting, all natural diets, weight loss etc.

The only thing that helped me at all was the all natural diet.  My blood pressure went down significantly, but was still really high.

I was at a loss. Then I began to research and found a herbal tea that claimed to help with stress, high blood pressure, immune system, etc.  I decided to try it out for one week to see if it did what it claimed.

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Medication Frustration

Ever want to throw your medication out the window because it doesn’t seem to cure anything?  I been there.

I used to believe in medication. Science is a good thing, right?

Then why do many of us end up worse off than we were before?

So frustrating.

For years, I watched people around me take a pill, then have to take another pill because of side effects they developed, then have to take ANOTHER pill because of side effects caused by two different pills interacting with each other.

Where does it end?!

I was in that position and tired of it. My doctor seemed to want to put me on something new every time I went in. My body felt like crap constantly and I was getting fatter, crabbier, and worse than I ever was before all the medications.

Medications may work for other people, but if you are like me, they seem to make you worse. It was time I took charge of my health and start looking for other solutions.

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Finding Rooibos

Pinterest became my best friend.

I looked up stuff constantly to reduce my anxiety, stress, and blood pressure because I needed help with all of it. The need to cure everything was strong because I felt if I relieved stress and anxiety, I could get my blood pressure down.

I ate bananas, as a suggestion from Pinterest.  It helped a little with my blood pressure, but not much. And my anxiety was still insanely high.

Then I came across herbal teas.

When I saw others saying it helped them, my thoughts were “This is fantastic! I love tea!”.

I have heard about tea having health benefits, but I drank a bunch of it already, and have never seen any improvement of anything.

It turns out, I was confused on my facts. Herbal teas give health benefits. Regular teas really do nothing for you.

Also, it turns out adding sugar to tea really knocks out any health benefits you might get from drinking tea.

So there’s that.

I had been doing it wrong all this time. But that’s life. We always do things wrong and that’s how we learn to do things right.

An article on Rooibos Tea’s health benefits caught my eye.

Lowers blood pressure? Fantastic! Calms stress? That is awesome! Potentially helps with headaches, insomnia, and can boost the immune system? I need that!  Caffeine free?

Sign me up!

Bring on the health benefits!

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Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

When searching around the internet, you may find Rooibos being referred to as Red Tea.  This is because of its red color.  So you can Google either term and find the same articles.

This tea has been South Africa’s little secret for hundreds of years.

They use it mainly to treat allergies (isn’t that awesome?  How many of us need that?).  South Africa began sharing this secret with the rest of the world and it has gradually been gaining a full speed of popularity within the last 10 years.

So why is this tea so special?

It naturally contains high amounts of nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Magnesium, and other antioxidants.  These are all things our body needs and there are only small amounts of these in most of our foods!

Check out my picture below on what its biggest benefits are (besides allergy treatment).

There are also findings that indicate it could help with removing toxins, curing headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, digestion, colic relief, and boost immune system.

USDA even says it could possibly reduce cancer risks!

This seriously seemed like a miracle tea. After reading all this, I was hooked.  I needed help with ALL of this!  Off to the store I go.

Where Can I Find It?

Unfortunately, I went to the grocery store and after looking at 3 different ones, I couldn’t find this magic tea anywhere. So I had to order it online.  That’s the joy of living in a small town.

We will sometimes order ours online from Vitacost, who is a health food store owned by Kroger (FYI, click this link to get a 20% off coupon when you sign up for their email).  We do this if we are placing an order for other groceries at the same time.

Most of the time, we buy it in bulk from Amazon, because it is even cheaper that way, and we know we are going to use it all.

FYI: If you click on any of the tea pictures below, it will take you directly to the product on Amazon.

I am all about flavors, so when I saw you could get this in different flavors, I was excited.  I ordered some boxes of the Vanilla flavor. When it came, we tried it hot and cold.

I honestly wasn’t a big fan of this one.  Aaron liked it though.  It was too sweet for me, but I did like it best warm.  So if you like sweet, this might be the one for you.

Buy Now From Amazon

So determined to get these health benefits, we tried the Safari Spice and Pomegranate flavors.  We both loved them.  Unfortunately, they were both so flavorful that neither paired well with our dinner, which is when we drink tea.  These flavors also for some reason aren’t sold anymore at all (at least that I can find).

So we tried the Regular and Organic  versions of this tea.

We have a winner.

We tend to make a gallon of it at once and refrigerate it.  Both Aaron and I have one glass every night with dinner.

Side Note: Just warning you, the taste is a little different at first. It’s not bad at all, just different than tea you are normally used to drinking. But once you switch to this tea, and then try to drink the regular teas, the regular teas will taste disgusting and overpowering. Trust me. I thought there was something wrong with my teas at multiple restaurants when I did it.

Buy Now From Amazon

Difference in My Life

I began to drink one glass per day for 10 days to test out the health benefits. I didn’t change anything else I was doing, because I wanted to make sure if this tea was truly helping me or not.  Here is what happened:

  1. I haven’t been sick (colds, flu, infections) since I started drinking it. If you know me, you know this is a miracle. I’m always sick.. Always.
  2. It seemed to help me remain calmer. My anxiety was still there, but my physical symptoms (the shaking, the trouble breathing, the insomnia, the sweating) all seemed to subside.
  3. I lost 3 lbs over 10 days. I know this doesn’t seem like much, but when the tea is the only thing you are doing different, it’s pretty great.
  4. My digestion process is better and I don’t have the painful cramping any more.
  5. I am sleeping better. I still have a little trouble falling asleep, but once I am asleep, I am staying asleep. (Something I have NEVER been able to do).
  6. My eczema is gone. I didn’t realize it until after I had been drinking it for awhile, that I didn’t seem to have that problem anymore, but once I realized it, I was excited.
Buy Now From Amazon

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My Blood Pressure

After about 6 days, my blood pressure went into the “normal range” for the first time in years...and stayed there!

Before I started this “challenge”, my blood pressure, while on 2 medications, was sitting at an average of 171/105.

After 10 days of drinking Rooibos tea, my blood pressure was reading at an average of 139/88.  I know it’s still not where it should be, but that is a HUGE difference! It seriously made me want to do cartwheels (My lack of ability to do a cartwheel held me back).

So is this a miracle? No, I’m not cured.  It did make a big enough of a difference for me to be happy with it and continue drinking it once a day.

Now I am addicted to finding other natural remedies and trying them out and will be posting my findings on each one in the future.

At of the time I am writing this article, I have still been drinking this tea once a day consistently.  All health benefits have stayed constant and I have not gotten sick once (even though it is flu season!).  I wouldn’t say this is a weight loss miracle, because the loss has been really small.  So if you are looking for a quick fix for that, this is not it.  I drink Rooibos strictly for the other ways it helps me.

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Wrap Up

I won’t ever go back to other teas. I prefer the taste and I feel it helped me a lot. Regular tea tastes so bad and overpowering to me now.

Rooibos Tea is probably one of the best things I have discovered. With it’s many health benefits, I found myself feeling better. I hope you try it and let me know if it helped you the same way it helped me.

Just don’t add sugar to it!

Do you have a favorite herbal tea? Does it make you feel better in any way? Tell me in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and describes my personal experience with this tea. My results should not be considered scientific proof of health benefits.  Everyone is different and results may vary.  I urge you to do your own research to see if this tea is right for you. Please do not use this as a replacement to any medications or treatments you are currently doing without speaking to a dietitian or doctor first.

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47 thoughts on “How I Lowered My Blood Pressure”

  1. I just bought 4 boxes of Organic Rooibos tea today. Can you use Stevia in it? Can’t wait to try it with dinner tonight. Thanks so much.

    1. That’s great and I hope you enjoy it! I recommend to try it straight out to see if you like it. Then if you feel you have to sweeten it, honey is the best option because it has health benefits, but you can try stevia if you prefer. I personally have not sweetened mine, so I can’t give my opinion on how it tastes with certain sweeteners.

    2. First of all you give me sooo much hope I am a 31 year old female who I thought was “healthy” but here I am with high blood pressure or 161/116 and it’s scared the heck out of me I thought I was going to die so reading this makes me feel calm I’m ordering the tea now thank you so much for taking the time to write this article. Gosh I love Pinterest thank you thank you!!!

      1. I hear you! My blood pressure was a huge battle for me for years and scared me sooooo much. I hope the tea helps and hope you checked out some of my other articles on the other things that can help!

  2. Thank you so much for this article. My Bp has been crazy high around the same level as yours and I tried everything. Being that I’m writing this post 12:23am I shall start my journey for this tea in a few hours. I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge.


    1. I am not clear on what me having a Psych degree has to do with anything, so I can’t respond to that part. Yes, anxiety can play a big part in blood pressure as I state in this article, and as I state in many of my other articles, our reactions to things can make a difference, however, that takes a LONG time to work on and improve and re-training the brain overnight is impossible. Blood pressure can also have other factors that go along with it that can take a long time to reverse, like genetics, eating habits, exercise habits, etc. So for me and a lot of people, something natural that can help quickly, while we work on the other areas is important. It is unfortunate that this particular article did not help you and I wish you luck in finding something that does.

  4. Thanks Ashly for this information. I find it to be super informative as I share the sentiments of the issues expressed by most of those who posted her with regards to BP. I will be trying this tea to see if it works as well for me as it did for you guys. Thanks a million once more.

  5. Good read. I too have been looking for natural ways to deal with “HBP” AND, I also LOVE tea. It is great that you experienced all those benefit so, I also going to try this tea and see what happens. LOL

  6. Melody Clark Ritchie

    I’m going to pick this tea up today, thanks. Did you stop taking your bp medicine while you were taking the tea?

    1. I did not stop taking my meds. I have a blood pressure monitor at home, so just kept track of it every day. I was eating close to the Standard American diet when I first started drinking this tea, and my BP was through the roof. This helped it go down a lot, to a much more manageable range, but I still was not 120/80 yet by using this alone.

      1. I recently developed preeclampsia therefore my bp went up after delivery do you think this can help get my bp back to normal and lean me off my meds I’ve never had bp issues before

        1. I am hesitant to say yes without you checking with a medical professional. Different results can happen for different people. I know it helped me a lot, so what I would recommend is to double check with your doctor to make sure Rooibos is safe for your situation and then to try it if there are no concerns.

      2. Hi I’m just curious about your blood pressure monitor. I’m trying to find a good one to purchase online, but when I read reviews most are not good. Can you recommend the one the brand that you are using? Thank you kat

      3. Thank you this help me a lot cause I didn’t wanted take bp no more and it help me sleep all night not get up all night help me go to restroom and sleeping good also u ladies need try Noni it good to help with other things

  7. I have been drinking this tea for over a year now and it has really helped me, I started out with just one cup for I guess a month and then moved up to two cups a day, now I am at three cups a day and it helps lower my BP and makes me feel much better, I am not where I want to be, but, I am on my way with this tea. I would recommend it highly. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Leanne DesVignes

    Hi Ashley,

    I just came across this great news and excited to try this tea as I suffer with my BP. Like you I’ve been prescribed several meds and they all gave me the worst feelings ever! Thank you for this recommendation and optimistic for a great outcome. Thanks for sharing!

  9. How many servings per day do you recommend? I just received my tea and not sure how many tea bags to drink per day. I’ve only done hot tea thus far. Also, if you make if cold, what is your water vs. tea bag ratio? Thank you!!

    1. Hello! I appreciate you reaching out!

      I don’t have a recommendation that can be considered the right or wrong way to do it, but I can tell you what I do. I will typically drink 1-2 dinner sized glasses of it per day. In my opinion, anything beyond 3 glasses would be taking away from my water intake, so 3 is my absolute maximum. Water intake is also super important for blood pressure.

      When I make it cold, I will usually use 4 tea bags for my gallon pitcher.

      Hope that helps!

    1. I agree with you. I tend to drink the organic versions myself. I know many people prefer not to worry about organic vs non-organic, so I included the non-organic versions as well.

  10. Oh my goodness!! Thank you for sharing this! I have battled blood pressure issues since my 20’s (just turned 50….been on bp mess for about 3 years) doctors have had me on every type-ace inhibitor, found out I was allergic to and my eyes would swell shut for no reason at the drop of a hat!! Calcium channel blockers did NOTHING, now on a beta blocker which has been doubled in dose recently and a water pill which also has been doubled recently. My diet isn’t horrible but certainly not perfect! I just kind of feel like if I’m doing my share watching sodium, incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods, exercising…I feel like I’m doing my part, the mess should be too! And they are not! I have drank hibiscus tea (LOVE) and if I have 2-3 glasses a day helps *a little*…..I’ve seen roobios tea but never tries it!! It is on my grocery list!!! Thanks for sharing this information!! ❤️

    1. I can understand the struggle! I hope the tea helps you as much as it helped me. I will also be coming out with another article within the next few months about other ways to lower BP naturally, so check back with me for that one too!

  11. I am South African and we drink this every day as one would drink normal English tea or coffee. We even make rooibos cappucino’s with it, which I love.
    I would recommend
    trying South African grocery shops which have been popping up in many places. You will get the original brands there and probably at better prices.

    1. Hi Celeste, I was in Cape town 2 yrs ago and i tried this tea. I even went to wolly’s to buy some more to bring home. Last year i was in Tokyo and was able to buy different flavours like carame,l orange and the regular of course. I bought it because i love the taste i didn’t know the benefit of it. Here in our country ( PH) i saw in one of the international coffee shop they are selling by box.

      Will try to drink it more regularly to get the full benefit. They call it poosh or push something like that.

      To Ashly this is so informative and thank you for sharing =)

  12. I have the same exact problem with my blood pressure, stays high even while taking meds!! I am going to try this tea you speak about to see if it helps me!! I have also read where hibiscus tea is good for lowering blood pressure!! Thank you so much!!

    1. I have read about hibiscus tea for blood pressure as well, although I haven’t tried it yet. I do plan to though! I love the Rooibos and how it seems to help me. I hope you find it helpful too!

    1. Honey does have extra health benefits, but at the same time, is a form of sugar. And sugar counteracts a lot of health benefits that food gives you. So I guess it really depends on your preference and how you want to view it. I would say if you really needed to use a sweetener, honey is a better option than just sugar or artificial sugar.

      1. Local unprocessed honey has so many amazing benefits! I have it daily and it keeps my sinus issues in check and is great for helping you sleep. It is great for any respiratory or digestive issues, also. You can actually put honey on sores and it will heal them. Honey is the only food that will never spoil. They have found it in Egyptian tombs that are thousands of years old and still edible. The key to honey is to never cook it, that kills the natural health benefits. This includes the microwave. Make sure your water is not boiling and then add. Even diabetics can eat honey because it is a natural sugar your body digests differently. I would encourage you to study on it! It is naturally antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal. I found it when I was looking for natural products for my sons cystic acne years ago. It is good from head to toe, inside and out of your body! I can not say enough wonderful things about it! God knew what he was doing when He gave us honey! Blessings to you and yours!

        1. Ashly Edmiston

          Thank you for the information! Yes, I completely agree with you. I believe if anyone wants to use a sweetener, it should be honey, for the reasons you stated.

          1. Ruth M Ferguson


    1. It is amazing! I hope it will work for you like it did me! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

      1. I get a rooibos persimmon from a chinese tea shop called yellow mountain tea in colorado springs,co. You have to call since this blend isn’t on their website but in store. Highly reccomend!

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