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    Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles

    These Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles have the same amazing taste as store bought Almond Joys, but without all the extra sugar and with healthier chocolate.

    This recipe is a hit with anyone who tries it, so you know it will be a winner each time you make it.

    Because who doesn’t like a delicious dessert that not only fills them up, but also give them health benefits?

    I know I do.


    These Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles have the same amazing taste as store bought Almond Joys, but without all the extra sugar and with healthier chocolate. With only 4g of sugar and limited ingredients, you will be a hit no matter where you go for bringing something so delicious that is also healthy.


    Taste Tester Approved

    I cannot tell you how excited I am to post these Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles.

    Why?  Because every person who I appointed as “taste tester” has LOVED these.

    I did have a little bit of an issue at first making these, because I couldn’t dip the chocolate without making a gloppy, yucky looking mess.  It not only made it look unappetizing, but made the chocolate to coconut ratio not taste right.

    However, my mother in law came to the rescue on that one.  We took her advice and bam!  Perfected dipping means perfect coconut-chocolate balance, which means perfect taste.

    My husband now has people from his work requesting these when they have days where people bring in homemade goods.

    My neighbors were so excited about them, that they told their family members about these and were anxiously waiting for me to post the recipe.

    And let me tell you,  they were even more excited about these when I informed them these have very little sugar in them.

    Who knew something so delicious could exist without a lot of sugar?

    I think I am getting the hang of these lower sugar desserts.



    The Truth About Chocolate and Health

    There are tons of places on the internet (Facebook mostly) that have articles and memes about how healthy chocolate is.

    Whenever I see these mention chocolate  (in a general sense) is healthy, I feel like misinformation is being spread because they make it sound like all chocolate is healthy.

    It’s not.

    I usually wouldn’t give it a second glance, but it concerned me when reading the comments on these articles because people seem believe it to be true.  They talk about how happy they are they don’t have to give up Reese’s and how they feel better about giving the stuff to their kids.

    I thought they were joking at first, and then realized after reading additional comments, they aren’t joking.


    So I want to clarify that not all chocolate is healthy.

    Dark chocolate is the only kind that is healthy.

    The sad truth is, not even all dark chocolate is healthy.

    Dark chocolate should be around 70% cocoa or higher to be considered healthy and give you health benefits.

    Which is not found in any of the candy bars you see in the checkout lanes or in popular brands.  Those are usually below 45% dark chocolate or processed with alkali (more on that below), which doesn’t do a whole lot for you.

    So unfortunately, many people who say they love dark chocolate may not have ever tried real dark chocolate before.



    Real Dark Chocolate is Healthy!

    So to get the best benefits of dark chocolate, you need to consume around 70% cocao (aka cocoa) or above.  The more bitter the taste, the better it is for you.

    It should also not be processed with alkali or “dutch processed”, because that removes most of the flavanols.  Flavanols are a type of antioxidant.

    The higher the percentage dark chocolate is, the more flavanols it has, the more nutrients it has, and the less sugar it has.

    Studies on dark chocolate have found individuals who consume this on a moderate basis have less heart disease risk, lower blood pressure, lower amounts of inflammation, higher brain function, lower insulin resistance, and is more filling, so can help with weight loss and eating less!

    And women, this is definitely something you should consume during chocolate cravings during certain times of the month, because it has magnesium, iron, and manganese, which can help reduce cramps, reduce headache, reduce muscle aches and pains, balance hormones, improve energy, and improve mood.

    So why is this food with super amazing health benefits only supposed to be consumed moderately?

    Because dark chocolate is high calorie when you start eating a lot of it.

    But honestly, it fills you up so much, that you really don’t need to worry about that too much.

    My Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles, you seriously are full after just one.



    Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles Health Benefits

    Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, these are the daily value of the top nutrients in just one small bar:

    • 34% Manganese
    • 20% Copper
    • 15% Iron
    • 13% Magnesium


    So besides the health benefits I talked about above, here are what the nutrients in this recipe also contribute to:  Energy Production, Immune Function, Bone Formation, Nervous System Function, Collagen and Tissue Formation.

    Want to know more about how coconut benefits our body?  Check out my Healthier German Chocolate Pie recipe, where I talk all about coconut!


    The Almost No Sugar Version

    When I was posting this, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use the dark chocolate that had less sugar and less health benefits, or the dark chocolate that had a little bit more sugar but more health benefits. I have made it with both and liked it both ways.

    Because my site is focused on adding health benefits to your food to make your food work with your body, and not really a “diet” or “elimination” focused site, I decided to post the one that had more health benefits, because that is more aligned with what I want my site to be.

    But if you are wanting to reduce the sugar even more in these dark chocolate almond joy truffles, Lily’s Dark Chocolate Stevia Sweetened Chips are a great replacement to the chocolate chips I included with this recipe.  It makes these truffles about half a gram of sugar per serving of this recipe, instead of 4g.

    The taste is about the same, but is only 55% cocoa, so does not have as much health benefits as the dark chocolate I used.





    FYI, you can get by without the double boiler and candy dipping tools and just use a spoon and a microwave to melt the chocolate chips, but this recipe has a much better chocolate-coconut ratio when you use the double boiler, and the candy dipping tools (and looks a lot more appetizing!).





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    Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles

    Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles

    • Author: Ashly
    • Total Time: 150 minutes
    • Yield: 24 1x
    • Diet: Low Salt


    These Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Truffles have the same amazing taste as store bought Almond Joys, but without all the extra sugar and with healthier chocolate. With only 4g of sugar and limited ingredients, you will be a hit no matter where you go for bringing something so delicious that is also healthy.



    8 oz bag of Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

    9 oz bag of Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels

    1 cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk

    4 tbsp Unsalted Grass Fed Butter

    15 drops liquid Stevia

    24 raw Almonds


    1. In small pot, heat coconut milk and butter on medium heat.  Stir until smooth and completed melted.
    2. In large bowl, add shredded coconut, coconut milk and butter mixture, and stevia.
    3. Stir until all blended.
    4. One at a time, grab a small handful of batter and squeeze and roll until it is in shape of a really small ball.  The pictures of these are very zoomed in and look much larger than they really are.  The balls should be small, about 1 inch.
    5. Once ball feels mostly sturdy, press 1 almond into the top gently.  You may have to reform the ball around the almond when doing this due to the fragile nature of the bars. It’s okay if the ball is not perfectly round after pressing the almond in.  Most truffles aren’t.
    6. Once done with all of them, freeze for at least one hour.
    7. After hour is up, melt chocolate in double boiler (put water in bottom pot, place on medium-low heat, put top pan over it, pour chocolate chips and continuously stir until melted).
    8. Using candy utensil (any of them work great), take each coconut ball and dip into the chocolate, and gently cover with the chocolate .
    9. Lift coated ball out of chocolate, and let drip.  Lay on parchment paper to harden.  Do this for all of them.  Make sure to stir the chocolate between each dip to prevent it from burning.
    10. Let sit for one hour and then enjoy!


    Stevia gives this sweetness without adding sugar.  Stevia is a natural (not artificial) sweetener. If you are used to other low carb natural sweeteners (like monkfruit or erythitol), you can use those instead. Please note if you don’t use a sweetener, these truffles may come out bland.

    One bag of chocolate chips is enough for all the truffles.  However, you may want to have an extra bag of chocolate chips on hand, just in case.  If you are too generous with the chocolate, you may need to pour another cup in.

    If you do not like real dark chocolate, you will not like these.  So you can replace the dark chocolate with a chocolate of your choice or use milk chocolate chips if you choose. I have tried it with semi-sweet chocolate chips, and it turned out great.   Please note nutrition content will be different depending on chocolate you use, and the health benefits will not be the same.

    You can replace the butter with an equal amount of melted coconut oil if you prefer.  I liked them just the same, but some others thought the coconut flavor was too much.

    • Prep Time: 135 minutes
    • Cook Time: 15 minutes
    • Category: dessert
    • Method: stove
    • Cuisine: american


    • Serving Size: 1 truffle
    • Calories: 154
    • Sugar: 4g
    • Sodium: 10mg
    • Fat: 14g
    • Saturated Fat: 11g
    • Unsaturated Fat: 1g
    • Trans Fat: 0
    • Carbohydrates: 8g
    • Fiber: 4g
    • Protein: 3g
    • Cholesterol: 6g

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