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    How to Love the Way You Look

    If you are anything like me, learning to love the way you look has been a life long struggle. I'm pretty sure this is something that affects nearly everyone in the world.  And why wouldn't it?  We are not only swarmed with images of what beauty is "supposed to look like", but many of us also deal with people straight out telling us we are ugly, or that we need to change something ... Read the Post

    Apple Cinnamon Banana Bread

    This apple cinnamon banana bread is exactly what you need when you want some comfort food, but don't want all the extra sugar that usually comes with banana bread. With added ingredients like apples, walnuts, and cinnamon, you are getting an extra boost in nutrients and fiber, so won't slow you down like other dessert/breakfast recipes can. It is also dairy free and egg free, so anyone with ... Read the Post

    How to Get the Right Mindset to Make Changes

    "I can't do it right now because I'm not in the right mindset to make any changes." Have you ever said this?  I know I have. That is the number one thing I hear when people say they can't make changes, is they lack motivation or that they aren't in the right mindset to do so.  Which is pretty much the same thing. This is true across the board for making any changes in their ... Read the Post

    Pumpkin S’mores Brownies

    These pumpkin s'mores brownies are vegan friendly, made with healthier ingredients, and are super quick and easy to make! With fall coming up, I wanted to make a pumpkin recipe, but I also wanted to try to do a slightly healthier twist on s'mores brownies. I decided to do both and it turned out fantastic. My husband began eating these each morning for breakfast because he liked them so ... Read the Post

    10 Best Tools For Chronic Pain Sufferers

    Having the right tools for chronic pain is essential.  Chronic pain is no joke. And seriously, who wants to be laid up for days or weeks at a time because you have a flare up? And I don't know about you, but I HATE taking pain medicine. It always made me feel loopy and tired, and really messed with my digestive system and memory.  So I decided living with the pain was something I would ... Read the Post

    Vegan Copycat Jack in the Box Tacos

    These vegan jack in the box tacos are so good, that even my husband (who is picky) really enjoyed them! If you have had these at Jack in the Box, you know how addicting these tacos are.  What's not to love?  Super greasy, crispy, and good! I'm not going to lie to you, even this version probably isn't healthy enough that I would recommend them every day. But these are healthier than the ... Read the Post