About Stronger with Thyme

Stronger with Thyme (formerly Recipes for a Better Life) is all about how to change your life and health with the right foods and mindset.

It is about learning to pick yourself back up no matter what life throws at you, and making yourself stronger than ever. It’s about choosing the right foods to help both your mental and physical health.

It doesn’t matter if you suffer from chronic pain, trauma, obesity, physical or mental health issues, or even just have low self-esteem.  We want to help you become the strongest version of you and show you we CAN conquer the things that hold us back.

There is hope. We are all strong. Let us help you find your strength.

My Story

My name Ashly and I am the founder of Stronger with Thyme and write a majority of the articles and recipes seen on this website.

I have education in both Psychology and Nutrition and use that to help make my life better through food and mindset.

I have struggled with multiple traumas (such as rough childhood, attempted kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, mental abuse, stalking, harassment…find out more in Why Women Don’t Tell).  I have also struggled with obesity, hypertension, pre-diabetes, anxiety, PTSD, GERD, acid reflux, depression, chronic pain, and spinal issues that had doctors telling me I was going to be in a wheelchair by 2025.

Medicine only made me worse and for years I couldn’t get out of bed.  After being told I was going to be in a wheelchair, I decided I couldn’t live this way anymore.  Using my education, I decided to take the steps to heal my mind and body naturally and am currently moving and feeling better than I ever have.

I found I had a passion for helping others do the same. I began this website as a means to show everyone struggling that there is hope and they can still live a great life despite what is wrong with our body or mind.

I am originally from St. Louis, MO, but have lived in Indiana since 2016.  I lives with her husband, Aaron, and dog Brownie.  We love to walk through state parks and I loves nature photography.  You can even buy some of my photos on Shutterstock!

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What I can do for you

Feeling like garbage all the time is no way to live. Our biggest struggles are when doctors tell us we are “stuck” for the rest of our lives. But here is the thing: That isn’t always the case. Many of us CAN reverse our chronic pain. Many of us can heal if we have the right conditions. Many of us don’t have to take medicines the rest of our lives. There is hope that we can live better than we ever have before.

Using my education in both Psychology and Nutrition, I found they are directly related. You cannot have a stronger body without having a stronger mind and vice versa. You have to work on both at the same time just by using the right fuel. Many times, we think we have to overhaul everything in our lives overnight. But we don’t.

Using the method of one small step at a time, we can successfully re-wire our bodies and minds to where being the person we want to be, whether physically or mentally, can become a reality. Let me show you that there is hope. Because I have been there. And you deserve more in life than to feel sick and tired all the time.

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