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    Our Story

    Welcome to Stronger with Thyme!

    If you want to know more about the website and about us, you have come to the right place!

    Stronger with Thyme (formerly Recipes for a Better Life) is all about how to change your life and health with the right foods and mindset.

    It is picking yourself back up no matter what life throws at you, and making yourself stronger than ever.

    It doesn’t matter if you suffer from chronic pain, trauma, obesity, physical or mental health issues, or even just have low self-esteem.  We want to help you become the strongest version of you and show you we CAN conquer the things that hold us back.

    We will get you there with the right foods, natural remedies, and mindset.


    What Does Food Have to Do With It?

    Simply put, everything.  Food is scientifically proven to send important messages to our body and brain.  If you aren’t eating the right “messages”, it will hold you back and make it harder to get past the things you struggle with.

    Yes, this goes for anything to do with mental health too.  Food is that important!


    Is This a Recipe Website?

    No. This is not a recipe website, although we have some pretty great recipes.  This site is about showing you how nutrition and mindset can change your life.

    The recipes are just special articles we do around once or twice a month that dive deeper into the nutrition side of it.  Each recipe is more in depth as it explains WHY certain foods and combinations of foods can help your body and brain, and how to mix certain ingredients together to get the most benefit.



    About Us


    Ashly Edmiston

    Ashly is the founder of Stronger with Thyme and writes a majority of the articles and recipes seen on this website.

    She has degrees in both Psychology and Nutrition and uses that to help make her life better through food and mindset.

    She has struggled with multiple traumas (such as rough childhood, attempted kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, mental abuse, stalking, harassment…find out more in Why Women Don’t Tell).  She has also struggled with obesity, hypertension, pre-diabetes, anxiety, PTSD, GERD, acid reflux, depression, chronic pain, and spinal issues that had doctors telling her she was going to be in a wheelchair by 2025.

    Medicine only made her worse and for years she couldn’t get out of bed.  After being told she was going to be in a wheelchair, she decided she couldn’t live this way anymore.  Using her education, she decided to take the steps to heal her mind and body naturally and is currently moving and feeling better than she ever has.

    She found she had a passion for helping others do the same. She began this website as a means to show everyone struggling that there is hope and they can still live a great life despite what is wrong with their body or mind.

    She is originally from St. Louis, MO, but has lived in Indiana since 2016.  She lives with her husband, Aaron, and dog Brownie.  They love to walk through state parks and Ashly loves nature photography.  You can even buy some of her photos on Shutterstock!




    Louis WongLouis Wong

    Louis is a contributor for Stronger with Thyme and a life coach, with a passion to help people become the best version of themselves.

    When he was young, he never got the opportunity to spend time with his parents because they were always working.  When he was around 14, he found independence and loneliness when his parents moved 6 hours away, and he opted not to move with them.   With no support and operating purely on survival instinct, his life nearly took a different direction with the wrong crowd, before finding self development and then becoming a life coach.

    He has helped many people over the years live their life with purpose, with excitement, and to be connected to their true self. And this is what he is truly passionate about.

    Louis currently resides in Australia and works as an engineer. His hobbies are learning and reading about self development and mindset, writing song lyrics, living in the moment, and working on himself.  He highly recommends everyone read the book  “Think like a Monk” by Jay Shetty







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