Breaking Up with Inflammation Challenge

Wishing eating healthy and exercising came as easy to you as it does to other people? Or maybe you are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and want to LIVE your life on your terms and enjoy healthy foods without counting calories or carbs.

This challenge is for you. Learn anti-inflammatory habits, and keep the habits for life. All it takes is one small change per week to make a lifetime of difference.

About Me

Ashly Edmiston

Just like many of you, I was obese, had insanely high blood pressure, was on a ton of medications to treat various health issues, was riddled with chronic pain to where I couldn’t walk for more than 30 seconds, my anxiety and depression left me unsociable, and my idea of eating healthy was the tomato sauce on pizza. I was tired of feeling awful all the time and decided to use my education in Nutrition and Psychology to change my habits towards healthier ones.

What started as a way to make sure I wouldn’t get worse, ended up changing my life. I no longer take medications, I’m more active than ever, my anxiety and depression is not a factor anymore, and I lost nearly 100lbs. Now I am passionate about showing others how I did it through Stronger with Thyme. and giving them hope they can do the same. There is nothing wrong with us. We simply need to tweak our taste buds and mindset and I look forward to showing you how.

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Breaking Up with Inflammation Success Stories

What They Say

“I have tried many times to develop healthier habits and lose weight on my own, but have never been able to stick with anything to make lasting changes. With this, everything is broken down week by week, so I haven’t felt overwhelmed or like I have to change several things all at once…. I don’t feel like I am a hopeless cause like I used to. The encouragement in each week’s email helps me feel like I can keep going.”

Amy B

“This has been an eye opener for me. I like to make changes slowly and this course is doing just that. I get stressed out very easily. This program is helping me with this. I needed these extra tweaks to help me, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I actually was on path of depression, but I think I am coming out of it now. I also lost some weight and haven’t had indigestion in a while and that is great.”

Dawn C

“I feel like I am detoxing for sure. I personally like this challenge because I have never started a “diet” this way. It felt different than just restricting myself from a million things at once. It was eye opening but not too overwhelming. I like that your program is broken down into small, simple steps that build on each other. It isn’t overwhelming, and if I mess up, I can just get back on track and keep going.”

Sarah F

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